Light Tiles

Light Tiles is a series of tiles, combined with LED strips, that illuminates buildings’ facades.

Textured, the tiles reveal a play of light and shade during the night thanks to the «light washing» technique. The tile is a very old object, which has not evolved in its form since its creation.

It was by giving it a new utility that I was able to change its aesthetics, while retaining its industrial production technique that is extrusion.

Exemple of different patterns extruded for more textures.

Prototypes made with a craftman.

By putting different profiles at the mouth of the extruder, I tested diffferent bumps for the surface of the tile.

Details about the connection of the LED. It use the same principe of a garland; all the lamps are connected to one principal cable.

With this clip, you can make easily the connection to this cable, without choosing precisely the location of the Light Tile. 

Luisa Pietrini © 2018